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Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz, history landmarks.

1962.- The First Fair is held at the College of Medicine and Veterinary so the students can appreciate the achievements in animal genetics. It was called the First Cattle Fair of Santa Cruz.

1966.- This year, facing the great demand for space and because the Palermo farm was not big enough, they purchased a piece of land for the purpose of the Fair Premises with a surface of 90,440 m2 located at EE.UU. Ave., nowadays Roca y Coronado Ave. To make this wish come true, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Agriculture of the East became associates.

1968.- On September 22 of this year, Santa Cruz inaugurated its permanent Fair Center and Exhibitions, the first on built in the country specifically for such purpose, fully financed by private contributions. This fifth version was the first to be international with the participation of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, England and Japan.

1976.- This year is particularly important for the Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz because they complied with all the requirements demanded by the International Fair Association of America (AFIDA) entering the most important fair institution in America.

1987.- Upon the celebration of its 25 anniversary, the National Government presided by Dr. Victor Paz Estenssoro, decorated the Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz with the highest Bolivian prize the “Condor of the Andes”.

1990.- The Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz becomes a permanent member of the International Fair Union (UFI) with seat in Paris, an institution that gathers the most important fairs in the world. This year they built the Pavilion Santa Cruz, the first pavilion with all the features and comfort for the exhibition of products.

1991.- This year the First International Business Roundtable Bolivia was held, with resounding success. For this year the fairgrounds doubled its area to 164,857 m from which 28,000 meters represent the covered area of exhibition, 25,000 meters for the uncovered exhibition area, 40,010 meters for the circulation area, 23,542 meters of gardens and 48,304 meters in parking lots and service areas.

1996.- The Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz approaches the carrying out of specialized fairs using the fairgrounds almost all year round. The following fairs are held: Jewelry Fair in March, Construction Fair CONSTRUCRUZ in April, International Agricultural Fair AGROPECRUZ in May, Beauty Fair EXPOBELLEZA in June, besides the International Fair of Santa Cruz in September.

1998.- Great innovations are carried out this year in EXPOCRUZ ’98 such as: Construction of the International Pavilion II, which was built on 2,000 m2 so that the international exhibitors have more comfort, expansion of the livestock sector, with a capability for 550 animals. Expansion of the Business Hall. Expansion of the uncovered areas in the International Sectors.

1999.- The Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz developed ECOCRUZ and the International Fair of Tourism, FITCRUZ ’99.

2000.- In EXPOCRUZ 2000 they managed to increase the international participation in 12% and Brazil was the country with the largest amount of businessmen. This way they could alleviate the financial crisis in the country at that time. The Business Roundtable exceeded 75 million dollars in business intentions.

2003.- The Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz, FEXPOCRUZ, carried out the first International Fair “Forest, Wood and Technology” EXPOFOREST 2003 focused on the fostering the valuation of the forest as a strategy to encourage the integral and sustainable use of its resources, as a contribution to the economic and social development of the country and the preservation of the biodiversity.

In September this year, the modern International Center of Conventions of FEXPOCRUZ was inaugurated with a 1,000 m2 hall, and a capability for approximately 1,500 people standing.

2004.- A change is caused this year in the image of the fair organization with the logo change of FEXPOCRUZ of the traditional palm tree to a modern design adapted to the last market trends.

The International Center of Conventions grows with the construction of the Chane Hall of 638 m2 and all the technology to divide it in smaller spaces for all kinds of events.

2005.- In the framework of EXPOFOREST 2005 the first Business Roundatable of the Wood was held this year and it was the start of a successful activity that with the support of the Forestry Chamber of Bolivia has been growing considerably.

2006.- Again, the International Center of Conventions FEXPOCRUZ is expanded with the construction of the Siriono Hall of 2,000 m2.
This year the Women’s Integral Fair is born (MUJER 2006) and it has been successfully being held year after year fostering the participation of women in business, professional and labor life helping them to find distribution channels for their products and new opportunities.

2007.- EXPOCRUZ 2007 ended with a highly positive balance reflecting the productive Bolivia which is held by the business drive as the largest wager to the country’s growth. The event received more than half a million visitors in the 10 days of the event. Besides, there were business meetings in 2007 in the framework of the Agropecruz Fair and the Women’s Fair, respectively, which consisted of the appointments for business to contribute the business contact of the participating sectors.

This year the EXPOMYPE is born (National Production Fair) to support this important sector that contributes so much to the economy of the country.

2008.- The Exhibition Fair of Santa Cruz invested in the construction of a large Food Court of 4,000 m2 with a capability to assist more than 2,500 people comfortably seated. They also purchased 12,870 m2 of bordering land to the Fair to expand the parking lot.

2010.- The first version of the Automobile Integral Fair is carried out this year (FIACRUZ 2010) an event that had a highly positive balance. With the participation of the main concessionaires of vehicles in the country as well as companies in the fields related to automobiles complement this sector. The Emprendedor Pavilion is built of 1,200 m2.

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