56 years of History

The Santa Cruz Exhibition Trade Fair, FEXPOCRUZ, was created in 1962 and is a member of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism (CAINCO from the Spanish) and the Mixed Farming Chamber of the East (CAO from the Spanish), who had the vision and almost sensed, the ideal way to establish commercial and financial contacts between Bolivia and the World.

Currently considered as the first and more important business center in Bolivia, FEXPOCRUZ, organizes yearly fairs for different business areas such as: Comprehensive Automotive Trade Fair (Feria Integral Automotriz - FIACRUZ), Construction, Architecture and Design International Fair (Feria Internacional de la Construcción, Arquitectura y Diseño - FICAD), Forest, Wood, and Technology International Fair (Feria Internacional Bosque, Madera y Tecnología – EXPOFOREST), Mixed Farming International Fair (Feria Agropecuaria Internacional - AGROPECRUZ), Comprehensive Trade Fair for Women (Feria Integral de la Mujer - MUJER), International Jewelry Fair (Feria Internacional de Joyería - FIJ), National Production Fair (Feria de la Producción Nacional - EXPOMYPE), Santa Cruz International Trade Fair (Feria Internacional de Santa Cruz - EXPOCRUZ), and in cooperation with CAINCO, we organize the International Business Roundtables – Bolivia.

Today, FEXPOCRUZ is the main fair ground in Santa Cruz and Bolivia. Located in a favorable location at only eight minutes from downtown and covering 164.857 square meters (40.7 acres, includes 22 pavilions in different sizes, outdoor areas, vast parking, a sector specially designed for the exposition of beef, equine and ovine cattle. Furthermore, within the fair premises, there is a modern Center for multiple events, where a variety of events are held.