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  • Phone: (+591)-3-3533535

The main requirement is for the interested company to be legally incorporated and to have a Tax Payer Identification Number (NIT in Bolivia), either for the general of simplified system.

• Introduce the products in the chosen market before potential buyers
• Evaluate their reaction in the face of the offer
• Potential market research
• Notice the characteristics of the competition
• Make a large number of contacts in a brief period of time.

• Obtain a global vision of the market
• Evaluate the current situation and the perspectives for the sector
• Compare prices and conditions
• Look for certain products
• See new products and possibilities for their application
• Identify trends
• Be aware about the technical function and the nature of certain
• Learn about solutions to current problems

From Monday to Friday: 17:00 a 24:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 16:00 a 24:00

From Monday to Friday: 18:00 a 24:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 17:00 a 24:00
The hours are similar for each fair, to know the precise hours for the fair you wish to participate in or the one you wish to visit, refer to: and enter the fair event you are interested in.

Specialized fairs:
Adults (>12 years): Bs. 20
Minors (from 5 a 12 years): Bs. 10

Adults (>12 years): Bs. 50
Minors (from 5 a 12 years): Bs. 25

The Fexpocruz standard establishes a regular size of 12 m2 (4x3m). The height for the panels varies between 2.45 m and 2.50. For more information, contact the technical and infrastructure area regarding the material that will be used for your stand.

FEXPOCRUZ puts at your disposal the Service Department which offers exhibitors services such as:
• Design and decoration of stands
• Rental of furnishings
• Electrical services
• Audiovisual equipment
• Telecommunication services
• Graphic services
To request prices and quotes for the mentioned items please contact:

Upon signing the contract, the company shall pay 50% of the amount contracted, 25% one month before the event and 25% two weeks before the event

• Advertising outside of the rented space is prohibited. This implies, distributions of samples, flyers and others
• Installation noisy machinery or equipment
• Increase the volume of sound equipment in excess of 20 decibels